Small Business Tech Trends

In the last year, we’ve seen a HUGE  transformation in the digital industry than ever before. 

Fortune 500 companies like Amazon doubled their profits, while small businesses, the was widely different, with 43% temporarily closed, unsure of their future, or simply unable to pivot to a less ‘in-person’ service. 

To keep businesses in good shape this year, these tech trends could be helpful.

The Internet of Things

The most popular tech trend is the Internet of things or IoT. With billions of devices connected to the internet, self service at the supermarket, tracking your steps on your Apple Watch, driving a car with WiFi, it’s almost unbelievable. Thanks cheap computer chips and wireless networks, IoT is everywhere.

Internet of Things is essential for businesses,  changes that their customers want to see, all while increasing their bottom line. Most devices are wireless and use Wi-Fi — which most businesses have installed already. 

Cloud revolution

Most businesses are using the cloud to store data as a backup. Whether it’s from a phone, tablet or computer, having that backup is essential.

The cloud has so much flexibility that innovators can deploy technology with little investment. For 2021, you can expect growth in this area to continue to grow. Businesses of all sizes will continue to use new platforms for better communication between employees, monitoring. 

5G has landed!

Reliable and fast connection has almost become a necessity these days. Ever since digital collaboration, remote work, and videoconferencing became a part of all of our lives, 5G has become advanced. Gone are the days of 3 and 4G. 5G makes our website faster, bringing happier customers, which is what companies want to see. 

Just about every industry has been impacted in some way by 5G. Thanks to 5G, a business can cut costs in the office and with remote employees.


It’s safe to say that in 2020, nobody knew what was going to happen. The pandemic showed how quickly we can adapt and innovate when needed. COVID-19 allowed business and life to continue – as much as possible. 

Expect to see more of the same in 2021. Working remotely, using that 5G, social distancing, being diligent, and more opportunities. You’ll see businesses adapting to new big data ideas and the latest technology, cloud tech and IoT. It is the best invention to date!