Success Stories

Started in 2004, VJNetworks is a complete technology solution provider.
Brad Kreinces, CPA, CGMA
Kreinces & Co. CPAs, LLC
Fair Lawn, NJ

IT Service On Another Level

As a CPA firm, we pride ourselves on RESPONSIVENESS to our clients’ needs and goals. VJNetworks takes the same approach to our IT service needs; they provide IT services the way we would if we operated in that space. In providing professional services (accounting/tax/consulting) to our clients, IT is our most important service need. With VJNetworks, IT is a non-issue for us – Jim, Mike & company not only design, service and support our systems, but ANTICIPATE our near and mid-term needs and enhancements to maintain the integrity, operations and reliability of our complex business and tax applications. VJNetworks takes service to another level in terms of quality, attentiveness, knowledge, foresight AND COST-EFFECTIVENESS. As we say today, “it’s all good” with VJNetworks.

Karen M. Lugo, CPA
Lugo Nutrition, Inc.
Nyack, NY

Are You Crazy? DO IT NOW!

Now that computers and technology have effectively become “employees” their efficacy and performance are crucial. They must show up and do the job every day. VJNetworks has become the team member that makes them work.  Their commitment to achieving that is outstanding.  VJNetworks deals with issues, big or small, with calm and focused diligence. Our business runs better because VJNetworks is part of it. If someone was on the fence about choosing VJNetworks as their IT firm, I would say… “Are you crazy? Stop wasting your time with other IT firms. You have the chance to add a valuable asset to your team…DO IT NOW!

Corey Zbar, CPA
Michael Zbar & Peter M. Leung, LLP
New City, NY

Honest People; Peace of Mind

VJNetworks’ honesty is what puts them above and beyond other firms.  In the past with other firms I have felt that I was being lied to in order to create unnecessary charges. I spent years managing our firm’s IT myself because I couldn’t find a company I could trust.  Now, I couldn’t imagine going back to our IT situation prior to working with VJNetworks. They give me peace of mind so that I can dedicate my time to my work instead of worrying about our IT infrastructure.

Steve Cook
Target Research Group
Nanuet, NY

High Quality IT Solutions

In our business, we face price objections all the time.  You get what you pay for.  You need to compare the details: experience, turnaround time, etc.  Cheap does not equal quality. On-going monitoring is critical in today’s environment. Viruses, hacking, after-hour power/network problems can create nightmares.  Constant monitoring is CRITICAL!  VJNetworks gets us up and running quickly and efficiently.  What is the cost of not being up and running?  What is the cost of slow response and/or significant downtime?  VJNetworks has experienced technicians and is far from a start-up.  The costs are very reasonable for the VALUE you bring to our business!

Bill Loftus
William J. Loftus Associates, Inc
South Nyack, NY

Trustworthy, Responsive, Valuable

VJNetworks made everything work logically and simply for me. My ability to do the work I am paid to do, as opposed to trying to figure out how my tools (IT) work, has been the biggest benefit as a business owner.  Response time to any question is almost immediate.  I don’t feel like I am going to be charged or overcharged every time I have a simple question. VJNetworks can be totally trusted with all of your sensitive information.  They quickly get how to apply technology to your needs, and they keep current on the ever-changing world of technology.

Mark Larson
Finance Director
Hartsdale Pet Cemetery & Crematory
Hartsdale, NY

Reliable Is an Understatement

We looked for a new firm when we had a computer crash, and when I called the company office, the owner yelled at me for calling on a holiday. VJNetworks, on the other hand, we know we can count on any time of the day or night, on any day of the year. We can rest easy knowing that if we have a problem, no matter the size, VJNetworks will fix the issue. To anyone considering going with VJNetworks: You will not be disappointed! I don’t believe that there is another IT firm that could possibly be more reliable.

Lorrie Kwartler
VP Operations
KEA Advertising
Valley Cottage, NY

A Dedicated Part of Our Team

For us it feels like VJNetworks is a part of our team.  They have played an intricate part in helping to grow our business by always being very responsive to meeting our IT needs.  I believe VJ cares about their business as well as ours.  We have a complex environment because we use both PCs and Macs.  They have connected our environment and allowed us to move information between systems with ease.

We would be lost without VJNetworks and their dedicated team.

Sol Weiss
AdvanTech, Inc
Brooklyn, NY

Right Priced, Thorough and Quick

In a nutshell, I have used numerous different IT companies paying them on a per incident basis, and I have had MSP providers who charged on a contract basis. All the issues I had previously, evaporated by selecting VJNetworks. 

With time and materials IT providers it was a disaster. Often, they could not staff up for quick response, because they were cash poor. They were so busy they had no time for internal training, I ended up paying for them to research a problem on my dime!

I used cheaply priced MSP IT companies, they nickel and dime you along the way and never give you the correct and honest solution.

I can tell you my honest opinion, VJNetworks is right priced and really quick and thorough, monitoring and preventing cyber and other malicious attacks. They are well positioned to HELP grow my company and let me focus what I am good at.

Rich Molfetta
Sycamore Living
East Hanover, NJ

Trust at the Forefront

In the beginning we were a smaller organization, so we didn’t need the most robust system.  As we grew, VJNetworks made sure we had the appropriate set up to handle our new size.  Adjustments were made so the staff did not have to worry about the system slowing down or crashing.  Their responsiveness is unparalleled.  Issues are resolved timely and emergent matters are addressed immediately.  VJNetworks is a company that takes the time to figure out your needs and present the most affordable and practical solution.  They are not looking to make a quick buck, but rather establish a long-term relationship with trust at the forefront.